About Me

I have worked as high performing business sales executive in the corporate world, exceeding targets for the last 25 years.

At times during my career, I struggled to balance my work and life, often feeling guilty and unable to say “no” in case I was seen to be the weak link in a world where you survive on your results. At times this challenged my authenticity and often I felt unable to be my true self for fear of “not being good enough “.

This caused chaos in my mind and I never felt peace. I was struggling, and often felt I had to do everything myself not knowing how to delegate or ask/find practical help.

I was often overcome with volume of tasks at home and work. I began my journey of self discovery by embarking on a year long yoga teacher training course, studying at the weekend. I also studied NLP and became a master practitioner .

Doing all this self discovery, I became aware of the fact that I no longer had to do everything myself. I became comfortable in my own skin and found my purpose. I became the peaceful warrior. This enabled me to be strong and fierce at work, but softer and more gentle and show myself the kindness and compassion I deserve. I no longer felt compelled to become involved in dramas at work and in my personal life, that brought me negative energy. I became the warrior who is strong and fierce on the outside , but my core is now filled with love peace and happiness where I make all my decisions from .


The Peaceful Warrior Program (PWP) is a six step process for successful women like you that will allow you to discover the elusive work/life balance that so many people are searching for today. You already have success in the work arena but why shouldn’t you have it in all areas of your life? The truth is that you can and by the time we finish working together you will know exactly how to do this. The life you have been looking for is just six small steps away…

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