Rosie Lawson – The Peaceful Warrior
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Birth of Peaceful Warrior

I was a high performing target driven sales person in the medical industry, who experienced massive amounts of personal pressure from myself and the various corporate companies that I worked for. While I enjoyed the challenge and being driven it often was at the expense of my mental health and physical well being.

I started to suffer from anxiety and stress.I was successful and met all my targets and had all the material possessions that signify success. So I should have been happy and could not explain why I felt lost and empty and constantly frightened that it would all fall apart .

My physical symptoms became worse including panic attacks. My mental health was suffering and I developed major confidence issues.

I started searching for non chemical solutions to my health and well being . I had practiced yoga over the years and started again . What I discovered when I started to get quiet at classes that no matter how hard I tried I actually couldn’t find the anxiety while I was there ….and by this time I was really good at getting anxious

So I trained to become a yoga teacher and have been teaching others the benefits for 3 years now .

I then went on to do my NLP training as I had experienced some of the power around words and thoughts during my sales career .

Wow! It blew me away how if you tweaked some of your thinking it could change your whole outlook on life and how you “see” the world .

Peaceful Warrior was born to help others in the same situations to find peace and clarity and practical solutions to live a peaceful fulfilled life by using all my experience and the tools I have learned.

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