Let's grow together

Hello ladies firstly I want to introduce myself.

I am Rosie and I run a successful coaching and yoga business. I help ladies find calm, clarity and courage to live their best life. I love my life and my job, and I have overcome lots of challenges to become who I am now. I was once stuck in a corporate role feeling like an imposter, anxious and lacking in confidence although to the outside world I appeared like I had it all. I had no understanding of the link between physical and emotional wellbeing. I thought being quiet and still was for others and somehow it would take my success away. I had no direction or purpose other than to survive make money and I had lost the sense of who I was. 

I set out on the journey of becoming me. I trained in yoga, coaching and reiki and found once I started to get quiet and still that I remembered who I was. I became open to all sorts of possibilities with the help of my coach. I know that when I am growing and learning. Now it feels easy to connect deeply to myself and my physical and emotional wellbeing has accelerated. This means I no longer feel worried, agonise about pleasing others, or feel anxious. I show up for me and am comfortable in who I am becoming. 

I really wish this for you too.

I am so excited to invite you to join my Becoming You monthly membership where,  for an investment (equal to a weekly caramel latte), I will share  the helpful lessons and daily routines to accelerate your growth and understanding of how to become the you, who does everything with calm, ease and confidence.

When you join my Becoming You Membership you will experience greater levels of calm, which will help you get clear on who you are,  access your courage and confidence to show up as the real you. Feel empowered to step in to and live your best life with confidence and courage. 

I will do this in a Facebook group to help you get clear on your health, wealth and develop good self-care habits to help you create your dream life.

Each month you will have access to 

A bespoke a yoga practice designed around specific elements, including energy and mood changing flows to enhance your physical health (suitable for new yogis ) .     

A breathwork and meditation session to move your energy and harness your mind.

A masterclass around how to harness your thoughts, limited self-beliefs and help you move from stuck to achieving your dream life.

Lastly, you will have unlimited access to all these resources while you are in the group to use as often as you like whenever you need.       

 I passionately care about giving other women a community where they can grow, have support and access to life-changing lessons.

What is the cost of this? 

As a special rate celebrating this year the monthly rate is £20.20 payable on the last day of each calendar month.

To join please click on the payment link below.

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