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Questions to ask when you’re considering yoga teacher training

  1. What kind of yoga do you like?                                                                        There’s various different styles of yoga and schools of yoga, making sure you have the correct fit for you is very important. It’s a big investment in your future.
  2. Who are the teachers hosting the course? What experience do they have? Attend their classes and make sure you consider them to be mentors and people you want to share this experience with.
  3. What qualifications and experience do your teachers have?                     Don’t be afraid to ask, find out more about them and any other helpful qualifications and special qualities they may have around the life and business and mentorship. 
  4. What qualification will you have? Is it recognised in other countries if you want to travel?
  5. What format does the course take? Is it flexible around life and holidays? What happens around illness and missing a module? Are there other training venues with school that you can make hours up at?
  6. What support network and mentorship will you have during the course? Do you have online tools for your development? What if you get stuck with homework?
  7. What support network is available from your school after finishing? Will you have a tribe to be part of when you start teaching? Will you have a place you can return to continue your further development?
  8. What business advice support will you receive to help you become a yogi entrepreneur?
  9. What is the investment? Is this payable in instalments?
  10. What do previous graduates say?    

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