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What is Seasonal Yoga?

Seasonal Yoga is a blend of Hatha yoga which is modified to reflect the energy of each season of the year to maximise health benefits.

It works with meridian lines in the body. These are like roads that our energy travels along towards each of the organs. So we work these to clear them and keep the energy travelling along them to ensure optimum health of the organs they lead into. We do this by incorporating certain additions and focussed movements into the yoga asanas ( poses ) to maximise the health of each related organ.

Certain organs are related organs to each season.

For instance, just now our Autumn practice is related to the lungs and the large intestine both organs which work to rid the body of waste products. The lungs, breathe out carbon dioxide.T he large intestine, the storage tube that removes water and any remaining nutrients from the food we’ve eaten, before we pass the waste from our body.B oth these organs are very important in Autumn.T he lungs because we want to make sure we are using them fully to get maximum energy with minimum effort. We do this by practising various pranayamas ( yogic breathing exercises). The large intestine can become sluggish, and make us feel lethargic, as we are eating different food to keep warm. Sometimes this can slow down the digestion and movement of waste, so we use various poses to stimulate and keep the digestion moving.

Seasonal yoga aligns us to when we respected the daylight hours and worked only then and didn’t expect the body to be on call 24 hours a day. It brings balance and awareness to our movement and practice.

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