“I help successful women to bring balance, focus and purpose into all areas of their life so that they can have it all.” 

– Rosie Lawson, The Peaceful Warrior

My Mission

The reason I started the peaceful warrior program was because during my career I suffered from “imposter syndrome “ and was constantly frightened that I would be found out and discovered not to be as good as my results showed. This came from within me. I struggled to draw a line between work and home and often felt guilty and agitated while at work because my home and social life was suffering. I knew that couldn’t continue and so began my journey of discovery to find a solution.

I learned that you can have strength and softness and still be a high achiever and I take successful women through the process to achieve that in my program. 

I help successful women to find balance focus and purpose in all areas of their life so that they can have it all .

My mission is to help women build upon the strong core that made them successful in the first place and allow them to express their softer side, which often remains hidden due to the competitive environment of the workplace. Peace, love and happiness are just a thought away and from that place you can make decisions that serve your authentic self.

I provide practical time-saving solutions that enable you to know yourself better so that you can have the clarity and peace we all crave. This will help you have your ideal life on both the inside and the outside that you deserve.

Rose Lawson – The Peaceful Warrior


The Peaceful Warrior Program (PWP) is a six step process for successful women like you that will allow you to discover the elusive work/life balance that so many people are searching for today. You already have success in the work arena but why shouldn’t you have it in all areas of your life? The truth is that you can and by the time we finish working together you will know exactly how to do this. The life you have been looking for is just six small steps away…



“Following a particularly stressful time in my life, I was stuck in a mindset filled with anger and hurt. I needed to move forward and turned to Rosie for help. Together we moved to saving what seemed at the time a broken soul, with Rosie’s empathetic nature, simple questioning she gave me the tools that helped me find belief in myself. Rosie has given me the comfort and courage to move my life in a new, positive direction. I know the journey will be difficult at times, but she has helped me come a long way from the tearful, angry person she first saw, to one who is able to look forward to the future! Thank you so so much Rosie x”

Dorothy Menzies

“I have learned to sleep better following your breathing techniques – count from 27 down in breath/out breath. I also use this method to calm my mind when I am trying to destress. I enjoy my yoga sessions – it is “me” time and allows me to calm my mind. I am also amazed at how much more able I am to do the yoga poses I originally thought I would not ever be able to do – again with the saying “everything is possible”You have helped me believe in myself and not to underestimate my worthYou have inspired to me finally sit my driving test following my NLP session with you – something that has sat with me for 13 years. This is a really big thing for me.”